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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Mar 12, 2014

On this episode, The triumphant return of Heather! Dave joins us from a hotel room to talk about scaring grandmothers, his wet cat and Warframe. Rich talks Last of Us and Batman '66, GTA V update tomfoolery and of course game sales. Craig breaks Xbox Live, because that is just how Craig rolls! Heather regales us with tales from the High Seas as she stabs her way to 100% on AC4, dresses up as Dead Pool at Animeland Wasabi and kills commies in Toy Soldiers: Cold war!

Plus: Hardcore Minecraft madness, Titanfall's Titanfail, Princess Bride bliss, SEGA SEGA SEGA SEGA SEGA and a non-corporeal Adam reveals himself to deliver an 80s flashback the likes of which hasn't been seen since '93! TURTLES!