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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Sep 1, 2017

Tonight on the podcast we have Randal, Craig, James and he’s back! It’s Dave! Are any of us still playing Destiny before Destiny 2 comes out? What song was on what Eminem album? Dave searches for a KFC with out a GPS. The things you do in college…Ramen, eggs, tabasco and Fireballs?! Can you play a FPS while drinking and if so what if that game is Marathon? We run down a roster list of whats to come in WWE 2K18. Force Friday II is here! Who is doing what and where?! Has anyone heard of some of these stores? Craig tells the tale of being stuck in NYC during the Black Out of 2003. Everyone is Necromancer dancing in Diablo 3 and who was Gary Gnu and what news did he bring? All this and SO much more on the Official Team DBAH Podcast #207! Come Join Us, Why Don’t You!?