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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Apr 27, 2017

This week's edition of the Podcast Craig, Heather, James and Randall come together to discuss a variety of stuff and things! Craig laments in the Windows 10 Creator's Update...yea lets not install that. He is however thrilled that Call of Duty is headed back to its roots and will be going back to WWII and Normandy. James is working on more NERF stuffs! He and Craig also remember a little game that has a rerelease on the way - Night Trap! Randall says it's time to get back into Heroes of the Storm with update 2.0! Blizzard is giving away loot to go along with it! Will Heather play it? A new Indiana Jones is in the works, will Harrison crash anything before its 2020 release? Craig learns that there is a place near Heather called...what?! Heather tells tales of PVP in Watch Dogs - things go dark! James is still working on his Destiny Book, will he complete it? He may summon the Randall for help! Craig is back into StarCraft when it works. Who the hell writes click bait headlines? How much do they get paid? Can we do it?! Ever want to hear Heather sound like a Valley Girl? Well now's your chance! All this and so much more on The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #189! Come Join Us, Why Don't You?!