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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Mar 30, 2017

Tonight on the podcast Craig, Randall, Heather and James are back in action! James and Randall revel in the Destiny 2 announcement and go over what’s left for us in Age of Triumph! Heather’s response to all the Destiny talk, “I dunno what the $@2K you just said little kid!” She has a lot to say about the possibility of an Assassin’s Creed TV series! Randall has a PSA about your internet browsing and questions the writing in Dragon Ball Z! DBAH Goes to Vegas? Anything is possible! Blizzard is the casino of gaming! You know you want Starcraft in 4K! Craig spends a lot of time on Reddit and comes to the conclusion that animals > people. Why would anyone do that to themselves?! James starts on his Mass Effect journey with Andromeda and has a review for us. Heather delights us the the fun of Assassin’s Creed glitches! Overwatch is a staple of Team DBAH now so make sure you hit the record button! Bastion is a tank but not a Tank…Think about it. Is Iron Fist any good?! Daredevil…one of us liked that movie…one. Justice League has a new trailer and the movie may not suck. Heather has some issues with Wonder Woman’s choice of armor or lack there of and Heather schools us with some Amazon info! All this and so much more on the Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #185! Come Join Us, Why Don’t You?