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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Feb 23, 2017

This week on the podcast, Craig, Randall, Heather and James celebrate a milestone episode! Craig flies solo at the 2017 New York City International Toy Fair. There are walls of Pops and many things involving Star Wars and samurais. He also gets to see the Dark Souls board game up close and personal. We debate on Nintendo and their new system the Switch. James is still going strong in Warframe and finally got his space dog. The team contemplates playing World of Warcraft to farm gold for Overwatch loot. Heather still has issues with Marvel movies in various timelines. Will the new Tales from the Crypt by M Night Shyamalan be any good or will it just be the same old twist. We all then wonder if UPS is starting up their drone army. All this and so much more on The Official Team DBAH Podcast #180. Come Join Us, Why Don't You!?