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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Nov 3, 2016

This week on the podcast, Craig, Heather, Jake, occasionally Randall & Charlie talk about this weekend's Team DBAH Extra Life Stream, defiance in the face of Gears of War 4, a possible new class coming to Diablo 3, Sombra FINALLY comes to Overwatch, looking forward to Super Troopers 2, a brief review of Titanfall 2, a dissatisfied review of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC for Dark Souls III, a possible Rambo relaunch without Stallone, XXX: the Return of Xander Cage rides again with a motorcycle jet ski (?), a controversial new rule for Denver Comic Con, naming deities for comedic effects in SMITE, what to do when Battlefield 1's multiplayer is down, going to SPAAAICE in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with the eldest members of Team DBAH, high comedy to come for the DBAHWWE, changes coming to Pokemon Go, Star Wars: a New Hope's 2 existing remakes, hating characters in the Walking Dead: Michonne game, uncomfortable questions are raised about Mass Effect: Andromeda, a new way to get all the content of Star Wars: Battlefront and a really STRANGE yet PUNISHING team up in a certain Marvel comic. It's existential crisis all over this week on the Official Team DBAH Podcast #165! Come Join Us, Why Don't You?


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