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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Jul 21, 2016

This week on the podcast, Craig, Heather, Randall, Jamie & Charlie talk about the Civil War II spoiler that was mentioned at the close of last week's show, rolling for initiative in Neverwinter for the PS4, finding new and exciting Pokémons in Pokémon Go, feeling old as South Park turns 20, someone other than Heather brings up Assassin's Creed while Heather is on the show, favorite & least favorite Overwatch characters are discussed, contemplating the Xbox One S, Dave & Charlie face the greatest Dark Souls III enemy: server maintenance, imagining a legion of Jamies in the Witcher III: Wild Hunt, plenty of excitement for the Bioshock collection coming to PS4 & Xbox One, getting ready to play the Telltale Batman game, some possible great news for Constantine fans and fondly remembering Brain Games. Come learn about our rad steez this week on the Official Team DBAH Podcast #150! Come Join Us, Why Don't You? Thanks to No Scope Glasses!