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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Jun 16, 2016

Thanks to No Scope Glasses!

This week on the podcast it’s our E3 2016 Special! Join Craig, Trevor, Jamie, Randall and Charlie as they discuss the wrong way to host a community fan/trade show event (hosted by Nintendo), Everybody wants Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, everybody knows how to play Pokemon Sun & Moon thanks to a painfully long demo playthrough, a disturbing accessory for Pokemon Go, Craig telling the future with Bethesda’s announcement of Quake Champions, Playing cards in Elder Scrolls Legends, Fallout 4 DLC announcements (WE’RE GOIN TO NUKA WORLD!!!), Updates to Fallout Shelter, become the Dragonborn again on next gen consoles with Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition (mods included), a completely different direction for Prey, DLC details for Doom, the return of the Dark Brotherhood to Elder Scrolls online without level restrictions, Playing as father or daughter in Dishonored 2, getting robot buddies to throw you in Titanfall 2, EA ramping up the ESports with tiered events in Madden 17 & FIFA 17, Speculation about Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA helping those oin need with EA Play to Give, being a weird bear cub singing to the forest in Fe, future plans for the Star Wars game franchises, an awesome Battlefield 1 trailer with horrible music, looking deeper into the Xbox One S announcement (bad form, Microsoft), the TERRIBLE voice direction of Gears of War 4 (still buying it tho), high hopes for the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, Gears of War fan’s joyous rapture about a beloved character coming to Killer Instinct, driving under jets with kangaroos in Forza horizon 3, the lovable cast of robots from Recore are introduced, fighting giant hands in Final Fantasy XV, trying to care for the Division DLC, new feature for Xbox Live, deceptive news about Minecraft, fine print about fine print on Designlab Xbox One controllers, a great number of Xbox ID games (Cuphead AGAIN!), scaring Jamie in We Happy Few, horses on roofs in Gwent, seemless transitions in Tekken 7, Frank “I’ve covered wars, you know” West returns for Dead Rising 4, taking down angry giant crabs with friends in Scalebound, setting sail on a Sea of Thieves, Co-Op Zombie hunting in State of Decay 2, Halo wars 2 beta impressions, Project Scorpio specs, examining South Park’s Shattered But Whole, exploring Ghost Recon Wildlands, flying with the eagles in Eagle Flight, exploring strange new worlds in Star Trek Bridge Crew, deciding what faction we will be playing in For Honor, Growing Up without M.O.M., dreams built & broken in Trials of the Blood Dragon, Michael Fassbender explains a game we’ve been playing for years in behind the scenes footage for the Assassin’s Creed movie, going back to hacker cochella with a playthrough of Watchdogs 2, coming down the mountain in Steep, doing a community/trade show right by getting Bear McCreary to conduct a full orchestra, becoming a tough but fair dad in God of War, the highly misleading trailer of Days Gone, a release date for the Last Guardian, cave girl fighting robot animals in Horizon Zero Dawn, so many decisions in Detroit, getting back to the scary roots in Resident Evil 7, PS VR specs, exploring Farpoint, Fling a virtual X-Wing withe the Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, playing as Prompto in FFXV, Becoming Batman in an Arkham Asylum VR Adventure, playing the Lego Star Wars Force Awakens demo, playing Killzone in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, welcoming back Crash Bandicoot, Hideo Kojima reveals the Reedus Fetus in Death Stranding, a brand new spiderman game swings into action and SO MANY ZOMBIES IN THE DAYS GONE DEMO!!! Settle in for a long and highly entertaing episode of the Official Team DBAH Podcast #145! Outtakes! Come Join Us, Why Don’t You?