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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Dec 10, 2015

Take a trip down memory lane this week with Craig, Heather, occasionally Randall, Charlie and our special guest: Griever 2112! Hear the gang talk about stuff like Griever's Nerf gun YouTube Channel (click here to check him out:, the importance of eye protection, Old people candy, artificial sweetener dangers, wanting to say good bye to the song "Hello", James Bond Posing, the Good idea of having a Bond woman instead of a Bond girl, getting excited for Captain America: Civil War, a special and horrifying Christmas memory about the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Action Figure collecting ruined by a national holiday, the awesomeness of Alien & Aliens, remembering Toy Biz, the challenging packaging of older Marvel Legends figures, the train wreck that will be Batman vs. Superman, movies that can't ever be remade like Blazing Saddles & Kentucky Fried Movie and late breaking troubling news about Team Fourstar involving YouTube! It's a nostalgia ridden episode this week on the Official Team DBAH Podcast #119! Come Join Us Why Don't You?