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The Official Team DBAH Podcast

Mar 10, 2016

This week on the podcast, we have a special guest! Max (Chalice Dungeon Crawling pt 6 & BloodBorne extraordinaire) joins Craig, Heather & Charlie as they discuss the finer points of BloodBorne from a professional, Microsoft closing down many of its Microsoft studios productions, Far Cry Primal's combat & crafting system, catching up with Golden Sun after a break, the crippling effects of Smash Bros addiction, enjoying side questing, but needing to get going on the plot of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, waiting in line and the ramped up difficulty of the Division, great anticipation for Dark Souls 3, a familiar Souls weapon in King's Field, big plans for new playthroughs of the Gears of War franchise, misunderstood Cosplay, trying to find time to see Deadpool, GO SEE ME, HIM, HER ON MARCH 11 IN THEATRES or ON DEMAND, voice actor singularity achieved in Uncharted 4: a Thief's End and people pushing horrible mango agendas on their friends. It's a rootin' tootin' (what?) good time this week on the Official Team DBAH Podcast #131! Come Join Us, Why Don't You?